We have a Blue Host account.

cPanel With Developer Features – This version of cPanel is has everything cPanel users are already familiar with, but it goes a step further with the inclusion of programs for developers and serious webmasters like PostgreSQL and supporting applications, Google Apps integration wizard, File Count lets you know how many files are on your account, free SEO tools and more.

Best Open Source e-Commerce – Whether you are a computer expert or a novice, the PrestaShop™ e-Commerce solution lets you take any business online.  Installs in 15 minutes.  Manage inventory, limitless categories, customers, payment methods, shipping, employees, stats and so much more… all for free.

SimpleScripts, Concrete5 – SimpleScripts provides easy one-click management of over 70 of the web’s top applications.  Remember I said the control panel comes with applications for developers?  One of the cool free scripts in SimpleScripts is called Concrete5.  This is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.  If you like building your own websites, you can design and build entire content management applications with Concrete5.  Check this out… you can take a website written in HTML and convert it into a template in minutes.  All your clients have to do is replace the sample text with their own.

Anytime Money Back Guarantee – If at any time you’d like to cancel your account, get a pro-rated refund on the unused web hosting fees.

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