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Fastest WordPress Hosting – Do you need faster WordPress hosting?  Here’s how to tell.  If you’ve been using WordPress for any length of time, you may have been frustrated by some loooong delays in the Dashboard and/or in the browser.  You click on something and then wait, wait, wait…  After you’ve eliminated any issues with and the theme, plugins, advertising banners loading from other sites, installed a caching plugin and you still have delay issues, maybe it’s time to find a better WordPress host.  That’s especially true if you notice the slowness on a brand new blog installation before you’ve even had a chance to put anything on it.  Google places value on website speed as part of its warm and fuzzy “user experience”.  If your bounce rate is high because visitors are leaving your blog when it doesn’t load fast enough, that’s not good.  Out of all the hosts I’ve used over the years, WordPress has never performed better than on my Hub account.

Best WordPress Tech Support – Most hosts have script installers in their control panels, but just because WordPress is available for installation on your account, doesn’t mean they have anyone in house who actually knows anything about it.  The tech support guys at the Hub know and “do” WordPress because have their own personal blogs.  You’ll get friendly, knowledgeable help.

A+ Better Business Bureau Rating – I read a blog post one time written by the owner of a web hosting company.  Don’t remember which company.  A customer complained about some issue on their account and instead of dealing with the help desk (which is what a help desk is for) to get it resolved, they went straight to the Better Business Bureau to complain. The owner didn’t think too much of the BBB because they’re not a government agency and can’t enforce any laws. He basically said that they are self-appointed vigilantes attempting to resolve complaints. It should be known that many issues wouldn’t even be an issue if people would only read the Terms of Service before they buy. Instead, they stomp their feet when they don’t get their way and tattle to the BBB. Some customers can never be satisfied. There will always be “pot stirrers” and revenge seekers.  How much value one places on BBB ratings can be subjective, but if a company has an A+ rating like the Hub does, they’re doing something right.

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