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We have an iPage account.

Easy To Use Control Panel – If all you want to do is “run a website” or “have a blog” and don’t want a bunch of geeky  applications you’ll never use cluttering up the control panel, then you’ll love the vDeck control panel.  There are plenty of tools to manage your sites and over 70 applications in the SimpleScripts script installer.  Manage both your websites and billing from one easy interface.

No Inode Metering – Here’s something you may not be aware of.  Even though many hosting plans come with unlimited hosting space, did you know that some hosts sneak around that feature by limiting the number of files you can have on your account?  They’re called inodes or index nodes.  Simply put, inodes include all web pages, all emails, all images, all database files, all files in all application installations, etc.  So even though your plan may have unlimited web space, typical inode limits are in the 50,000 to 200,000 range and they add up fast.  You’ll be glad to know that iPage has NO inode limits.  You’re free to host as many files as you like.

EcoFriendly Green Hosting – The amount of energy it takes to run a web hosting data center is staggering.  All those web servers and other equipment sucking up electricity day in and day out generate massive amounts of heat and heat is no friend to electronic hardware.  Therefore, it takes air conditioning units weighing tons to cool a data center. The servers, offices and data centers supporting your hosting account are completely powered by wind energy. For every KWH of energy used, twice that amount in renewable energy carbon offsets is purchased. Do something good for the Earth with eco-friendly green web hosting.

Anytime Money Back Guarantee – Ever have buyer’s remorse and couldn’t get a refund on something you’ve purchased? We know you’ll love your new hosting account, but for whatever reason, sometimes your project plans change and you need to close your account.  Not a problem. You’ll receive a pro-rated refund of your unused web hosting fees no matter how many months you are into your term.

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