Jaguar PC

Free SSL Access – This is something you don’t see very often, free shared SSL.  If you’ll be needing secure connectivity for your e-commerce site or one that accepts personal information, this is an easy way to get initial SSL protection while you shop for the best price for your own SSL certificate.

Migration Experts – If you’re already hosted someplace else and want to transfer your account, Jaguar will take the pain out of the move. They know your websites are mission critical and their migration experts will move your sites, clients, the whole shabang without any downtime.

Best Script Installer – The Softaculous script installer used by Jaguar PC has over 5 times as many scripts as the old Fantastico installer that a lot of cPanel host use. There will be problem finding the best blogging, forum, social networking, e-commerce platform and so, SO much more.

Best Selection of Servers for VPS, Dedicated, Colocation and Hybrid Plans – Some web hosting companies only offer shared hosting. If your account gets suspended when you use more than the normal amount of server resources, where are you supposed to go? Moving to another host sucks. Jaguar won’t leave you homeless because there will always be a plan for your needs. The sky’s the limit with the enormous selection of upgraded plans and server configurations.

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