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Cheapest cPanel Hosting – Why pay anymore than you have to for cPanel hosting?  Let’s compare unlimited  hosting  plans.  If Company “A” has yearly plans for $6.95/yr, that would be $83.40 upfront. But you can get a 4-year plan at WHP for only $1.99/yr for a total of $95.52 upfront.  That’s an extra 3 years of web hosting for only $12.12 more than Company “A”.  Even 1-year plans are only $3.99/yr with no setup, installation or hidden fees. This is the cheapest cPanel hosting with unlimited space, bandwidth and the ability to host multiple domains on a single account.

Price Lock Guarantee – Here’s something you may not know about web hosting.  The discount price you pay upfront is typically an introductory offer.  That means when your account comes up for renewal, it will renew at the normal price which is usually several dollars more per month. Talk about a shock and awe. Not at WHP. The super low price you pay when you sign up will be locked in for the life of your account.  No jaw dropping bills at renewal time.  I have never seen a web hosting company do that.

Softaculous 250+ Scripts – Many cPanel web hosts include the Fantastico script installer which has around 50ish scripts.  WHP uses the Softaculous script installer which boasts over 250 scripts. It has some of the best free software available and many preview applications from new vendors you may not have heard of. Install what you want and decide which meets your needs the best.  You’ll find the usual blogging and forum scripts like WordPress and phpBB, but it’s also got some other really exciting apps like Sharetronix, an open source Twitter-like 160-character micro blogging program and that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. Click here to see an up-to-date list of all the Softaculous programs you’ll get with a WHP account.

Coupon Code – Use WebHostingPad coupon code FREEDOMAIN to get a free domain for life with web hosting purchase.

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