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Award winner 2008

General Impression is green web hosting service provider.
In addition your Green Geeks account will have a positive energy footprint on the environment as we replace, with wind power credits, 3 times the amount of energy your web site will use.

Your account will utilize only the best server hardware, the best network providers and the most updated software programs available today.

* Highest quality servers and bandwidth
* Eco friendly green energy hosting
* Exceptional customer service
* Dynamic account administration tools
* Complete video tutorials and FAQ’s
* 24x7x365 quality support
* Web site design services

Complete Solutions

Green Geeks understands our customers need for outstanding service and we are 110% committed to our clients service standards. We’ve put together a complete solution to help get your web site online quickly and easily, to promote your web site and to profit with your site. You will experience our unrivaled reputation for quality green energy web hosting with outstanding 24x7x365 support services at an affordable price.

Personal Connection
At Green Geeks we’re confident that you will be extremely happy with your green energy web hosting service, however if you are ever dissatisfied and you feel the need for my involvement, I will always make the time to personally assist you. We look forward to your business and to serving your web hosting needs.

Our service and sales technicians are here to assist you and are recognized as some the brightest, most devoted and the friendliest staff in the web hosting business. We are located in California and we offer extended support hours by phone and live chat as well as a 24x7x365 email ticket system. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us and our team will work to resolve any issues you may have to your satisfaction within the first contact, however if for any reason there we need further research you will always be able to count on a prompt reply with the resolution.

GreenGeeks offers one of the most feature rich web hosting plans available anywhere on the Internet. Our package includes a free domain name for the lifetime of your web hosting account with us.

Unlimited Package:
The GreenGeeks Eco Site plan is an unlimited package which means you have unlimited amount of disk space for your web site files and you can have an unlimited amount of bandwidth for your web site visitors. The plan allows you to host an unlimited amount of your own domain names and they are hosted just as if they were the primary domain name on your account, and with all of your domain names that you can have an unlimited amount of emails for each domain and an unlimited amount of databases to use.

Control Panel, Web Site Builders And Scripts You Can Use:
GreenGeeks provides cPanel to our hosting customers, which is the most popular and easiest to use control panel available for web hosting. Included in cPanel is the Fantastico script library which has a 1 click installation for all of the scripts in the Fantastico library. Some of the more popular scripts include; Joomla, WordPress and Drupal, all three of which will allow you to build a robust and sophisticated web site.

We also include 2 additional template based web site builder programs called SoHo Launch and RV Site Builder. These template based web site builder programs are the best way for people who are novices to get a web site up quickly and easily. After you get a template based site up you are able to work with the other site builders like; Joomla, WordPress and Drupal, which will allow you to construct an even more advanced and interactive web site for the future.

The Fantastico script library which is included provides the most comprehensive and trouble free web site scripts available on the internet. The types of interactivity that you will be able to have on your site include:

* Blogs
* Portals and Client Management Services
* Customer Support Services
* Guest Books
* Mailing Lists
* Forums and Discussion Boards
* Shopping Carts and Ecommerce
* FAQ Sections
* Run an Auction Site

GreenGeeks is here to support your growth and some of the ways that we do this include the tutorials section within your cPanel account. We have purchased the latest cPanel licenses which include simple walk through video tutorials for a variety of ways to use the system including how to setup an email account all the way to how to install a script on your web site. We also have created many step by step walk through instructions in our Frequently Asked Questions section for our customers.

The features and quality of our service.
This is just one area that we feel we are better than the competition. We would like for you to be confident in your choice of GreenGeeks as your web hosting company and we invite you to read through the other areas why we feel you should choose GreenGeeks.

Uptime & Servers
We know that it does not do much good to have a web site that is not online. When your web site is down so are your emails and your online business is unavailable to your customers. This is the #1 area of customer frustration in web hosting and it is the #1 area that our quality assurance team focuses their attention to prevent server failures.

Here are the ways we manage our servers and maintain our 99.9% uptime.

Quality Hardware And Data Center
It is essential that in today’s web hosting environment that a web hosting company purchases high quality servers. Server requirements vary radically in a number of areas including disk space, processor speed and connectivity capabilities. Some companies purchase servers with low requirements in some or all of the essential areas, GreenGeeks does not. We purchase robust energy efficient servers with Intel Dual Quad Core Xeon processors, 8GB ram, Large Raid 10 storage arrays for maximum performance & redundancy along with 100 Mbps connectivity to our switches.

In addition our servers are housed in a world class co-location data facility with raised floors, dual city power grid feeds with backup power generators. The facility boasts an FM 200 fire suppression system with early pre-fire detection mechanisms. The facility is staffed by administrators and security personnel 24x7x365, including biometric and key card security systems with a rack level locking mechanism.

The Amount Of Clients On A Server
Too many clients can overload a server in the disk space, bandwidth and processor usage. Unlike some of our competitors GreenGeeks does not try to squeeze as many clients as possible onto a server. We gladly sacrifice some of the profit we could make by adding more customers onto a server by not adding those “extra” and thereby lowering the server workload to ensure that it is running at optimal levels.

Pro-active & Reactive Server Monitoring
On top of our reactive 10 second server/service monitoring, we’re proactively monitoring the servers health in real-time. This serves as our early warning system which allows our system administrators to quickly identify problems and temporarily kill any processes that could potentially cause extended periods of downtime. If an abusive client or script is identified as causing repeated load spikes on the server that is affecting service, the clients account is suspended until we are able to work directly with the client to resolve the issue. Clients who are identified as abusers are removed.

Server monitoring is an essential part of what we do to proactively ensure that any potential problems on any of our servers are addressed quickly before issues arise. We have a 10 second monitoring system on every one of our servers and the services that run on them, such as HTTPD, MySQL, EXIM (Mail) and other critical services. This allows our system administrators to be notified of a failure within 10 seconds, which results in a quick resolution time to any service interruptions that may occur.

Nightly Backups
In the event that a server has a catastrophic failure, GreenGeeks has a complete backup all of our clients’ web site data. In the event that we determine that a server has an unrecoverable system failure, we can quickly provision those clients onto a new standby server at a moments notice.

Our uptime guarantee and how we maintain our servers
Server uptime is of great importance to our company. We understand that this is essential for our clients and we take uptime very seriously. Our robust hardware and world class data facility as well as the lower amount of clients we have on a server and our pro-active/reactive service monitoring permits us to run at absolute efficiency and maintain our great service record. In the event that a hardware failure is beyond recoverable we have backups of our clients’ data and we are able to get their web sites back up quickly and efficiently.

Data Center

GreenGeeks understands the need for high performance and reliable hosting solutions and our well planned infrastructure is one of the reasons why we’re considered to be a great web hosting company. All of our servers are housed inside a state-of-the-art datacenter facility.

Our datacenter located in Chicago, IL is equipped with raised floors, climate control, 24/7 security, fire suppression systems, water detection systems, UPS & generators to ensure that our customers data is safe and secure. GreenGeeks uses the latest generation processors from Intel and uses Juniper and Cisco for network switching/routing.

Our network is routed by the top of the line Juniper edge routers and aggregated through Cisco and Juniper switches. As a high quality web hosting partner, we have access to most major bandwidth providers, which have been selected based on routes to compliment our other providers. Our network gear is completely redundant all the way down to the uplinks that link up our cabinets, and to the providers that we have selected, along with the entry-points in to our facility.

Datacenter Highlights

* SAS 70 Type 1 certified (audit report available on request)
* Dual-city grid power feeds, plus battery backup with automated transfer switch and on-site diesel generator
* FM 200 server-safe fire suppression system with early pre-fire detection mechanism
* Automatic temperature and climate control system with humidity and temperature sensors located throughout the facility
* Biometric and key card security system including man-traps and rack level locking mechanism
* Staffed 24×7 by SingleHop data center technicians and engineers and monitored remotely

Minimum Server Specifications
Technology is rapidly changing and we adapt to the changes as they happen. When you sign up with GreenGeeks, you can be sure to be provisioned on to servers with at least these specifications:

* Energy efficient Intel Dual Quad Core Xeon processors
* 8 GB DDR3 Memory
* 100Mpbs connection to the Switches.
* BGP4 Gigabit connectivity to multiple Fiber GigE Tier 1 Backbones.
* RAID-10 Storage Arrays for maximum performance & redundancy
* No desktop hardware what so ever
* Name brand server parts
* Never oversold

Server Hardware
Our committment to excellence starts with the hardware that we use for our customers. Our buying power allows us to invest in superior hardware, which means we get high quality, name brand equipment. Our servers are based on Supermicro rackmountable servers and are powered by the most power-efficient processors.

Customer Support

At GreenGeeks we understand that not all our customers are alike. We have some customers who understand all of the technical nuances of web hosting and have the capability of opening their control panel and doing everything themselves. We also have customers who are completely new to hosting a web site and having their own emails and we know that the experience can be intimidating and that some of our customers will need a fair amount of hand holding. We work to cater to all those tech savvy customers, all the “newbies” and everyone in between.

24x7x365 Customer Support:
GreenGeeks is an international web hosting company with support departments in Toronto, Chicago and Los Angeles. We have support representatives available by chat and emails 24x7x365. Our phones are available from 9am EST to Midnight EST Monday through Friday and on Saturday and Sunday from 9am EST until 8pm EST.

Hiring And Training The Right People:
It takes a special type of person to be able to provide high quality and friendly web hosting support. The person must be knowledgeable in all the technical aspects of web hosting as well as the particular differences in the services we provide. In addition our service representatives must have patience and must be able to communicate in the simplest terms to customers who lack technical expertise.

We hire only English speaking customer technical representatives. We understand that communication between our technical staff and our customers regarding some of the technical aspects of their web hosting services can be difficult. We feel that communication must be done in English, as most of our customers are English speaking customers first. All of our technical staff are located in North America.

Our training procedures are very important. All of our service personnel are must be able to communicate effectively regarding all of the services we provide. Our service agents undergo training and mentoring by our managers and more experienced staff.

The Three Layers Of Support:
There are really 2 types of customer support that we provide, communication support and technical support. We have divided the work flow between 3 technical support groups so that each group can focus on the areas that they are best able to support clients. Items that are better handled by representatives with more experience and more access to the servers are pushed up to those higher level queues. This allows a more streamlined workflow for our service agents and a faster response time for our customers.

* Communication support is our level 1 support department. They are able to help clients with learning where they need to go within their account to be able to do certain things like installing scripts, adding emails and minor technical fixes like a password reset.

* Level 2 support technicians are the second level of support technicians, they have greater access to the servers and are more experienced in resolving issues when something seems amiss or broken within a clients web site or hosting account.

* Our level 3 support technicians are our system administrators. The system administrators are responsible for monitoring the servers, making sure that they are running at optimal levels and support our level 2 technicians when there is an occurrence that they are not 100% certain of how to fix or when there is a server side issue.

Quality Information:
In the area of communication to our clients many of our clients rely on the information we have on site in our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section to be able to handle certain actions themselves. In addition we have within cPanel a set of step by step walk through video tutorials which assist our clients with learning things that they can do within cPanel to enhance their web sites.

Our Customer Support
At GreenGeeks we know customer support is a huge part of the satisfaction of our clients experience with our company. We focus heavily in this area to make sure that we have friendly, qualified English speaking technicians to assist our clients, 24x7x365. We also make sure that we have systems in place to expedite information to our clients so that we may provide them with correct information or resolve any of their issues quickly and effectively.

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