Host Monster


Award winner 2006

General Impression

HostMonster project was started by Matt Heaton  shortly after making a great success.

By today, even after being part of EIG they still offer only shared hosting. Why ? Simple because this is their strong part of the business. So, if you want a cheap and reliable provider, you are on good hands with these guys.

From the beginning, they only had ONE webhosting package available (under Linux platform) with full of features. Nowadays they still have just one plan, where you can host unlimited domains and get one free domain registration included. So basically, for any startup, they offer the best choice.

Finally offering VPS and Dedicated Linux Machines

Price & Cost

Amazing what you get for such small price (look also for coupon code). There are no companies on the market offering such great package! Give them a try and you will not regret!


HostMonster is constantly looking to improve their uptime and servers stability. They already added so many features, that their servers are never hanging or crashing. They use shared environment (basically offering only budget hosting), and they got the best value from their servers.

Data Center

Using and sharing the same datacenter with BlueHost, located in Utah.

Customer Support

You will not believe how excellent technical support has
Their forum will also help you anytime you need. Check out: We have been impressed. Tried and you will be convinced … then you will stick with them. Amazing.

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