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You will be very pleased with the Linux Hosting available at A2 Hosting. Their webhosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, Managed VPSCloud and dedicated hosting accounts are both affordable and developer friendly. They offer a large collection of unique resources available exclusively at A2 Hosting. This is what they call the A2 Hosting Difference. Just a few of the services you will experience include their 99.9% uptime guarantee, their server backup technology Server Rewind, Guru Crew support and much more.

With a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee A2 Hosting provides a pleasant and painless web hosting experience.

Ann Arbor Web Hosting
A2 Hosting has worked hard to develop a worldwide web hosting presence with a stellar reputation. But we remain very proud of our Ann Arbor, Michigan roots. Our customers occasionally ask what the “A2” stands for in our company name. A2 is a local nickname for the two A’s in Ann Arbor. We are often referred to as Ann Arbor Hosting!

Michigan Hosting
Maybe you live in the Motor City and are searching for Detroit web hosting. Or maybe you are a resident of Grand Rapids, Lansing, Westland, Warren, Flint, Livonia, Dearborn, Clinton Township, Sterling Heights or any other of Michigan’s superb locations. Regardless of your locale, you will receive the same amazing support and powerful web hosting resources that A2 Hosting is known for. Choose A2 Hosting for all of your Michigan web site hosting needs!

Advantages of Being an A2 Hosting Reseller
Launching a hosting company from scratch is expensive when you consider the cost of servers, bandwidth, software etc. A2 Hosting’s Linux Reseller Hosting solutions are an affordable alternative! Purchase one of our resource abundant hosting accounts at an affordable price and let A2 Hosting worry about the expenses like servers and bandwidth.

Worry-Free Hosting
A major concern for web hosting companies is equipment failure. A2 Hosting Reseller Hosting accounts are worry-free because it is OUR job to maintain and monitor server equipment. And we do a superb job of it evident by our 99.9% Uptime Guarantee. We recommend that you pass this guarantee along to your customers as well as our exclusive Server Rewind Data Backup solution to ease data loss concerns.

You can choose A2 Hosting as your VPS Hosting provider (Linux packages) which is perfect for your web development needs! You receive full root access, your choice of Linux operating system and can easily upgrade to the next package once your current plan’s resources no longer fits your needs. A2 Hosting Linux VPS plans are unbeatable!

A2 Hosting’s Managed Dedicated packages are unbeatable featuring the easy to use cPanel control panel for free! Looking for dedicated hosting Linux plans with award winning PHP and MySQL support? You’ve come to the right place! At A2 Hosting, you get dedicated hosting managed and monitored 24/7 so it is truly a worry-free solution!

Top 10 Reasons To Choose A2 Hosting
Our customers have gotten used to getting “something more”. Something more as in Linux hosting features like our server backup technology Server Rewind. Something more as in hosting services like Guru Crew Hosting Support. That something more like confidence your site will be available because of A2 Hosting’s 99.9% Uptime guarantee.

We had a difficult time narrowing down the list, but here are the top 10 reasons to choose A2 Hosting for your web hosting needs.

24/7 Guru Crew Support
A2 Hosting’s very own team of knowledgeable, friendly and patient support technicians. Whether you’re new to web hosting and need basic help or are an expert requiring advanced assistance, rest assured that the Guru Crew is here to lend you a helping hand.

Developer Friendly Hosting
Web developers feel like kids in a candy store as they inspect A2 Hosting’s list of popular developer friendly features. But instead of becoming giddy over lollipops, chocolate bars and gummi worms, they’ll indulge in items like support for Linux scripting languages, databases and cron jobs.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee
A2 Hosting customers are successful because they can rely on their sites and servers being available. There is no other way to express it; A2 Hosting’s 99.9% Uptime Guarantee is a necessity.

5 Star – 3rd Party Testimonials
The best way to truly learn about a company is to read what current customers have written about them. We have partnered with 3rd party testimonials company RatePoint to allow current customers to post reliable reviews for future customers to read.
We truly listen to and use our customer feedback to improve our service. And it shows! According to recent customer survey, 97% of our customers would recommend A2 Hosting to family and friends who are looking for a web host.

Socially Responsible Hosting
A2 Hosting is not only happy to lend a helping hand to social causes, but we also have a number of everyday Green friendly practices to contribute to a healthy environment.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
You’ve read this list of some of our impressive features. Come host your site with us risk free. We wouldn’t offer this guarantee if we weren’t convinced that you will be impressed with our service.

Award Winning Hosting
A2 Hosting’s goal isn’t to win awards. We’re here to offer developer friendly Linux Hosting with top-notch Guru Crew support. But we certainly don’t complain when we add an award to our ever expanding gallery.

Host-Guard Server Monitor
Host-Guard is A2 Hosting’s very own server monitoring system that patrols for server, software and network problems allowing for swift issue resolution. Not only does every A2 Hosting server contain Host-Guard, but it is hands-free monitoring managed entirely by the Guru Crew.

Server Rewind
You are going to love A2 Hosting’s very own backup hosting technology. Server Rewind automatically creates data backups of your account. This ensures that individual files, databases, websites and even full accounts can be easily recovered from the most recent snapshot backup in just a matter of minutes.

Perpetual Security
A2 Hosting security takes a proactive stance against security threats. Perpetual Security takes great strides to lock down our servers through a number of resources including Server Hardening and Brute Force Defense.

Award Winning 24/7/365 Hosting Support
We’re here for you at 3:00 AM! We’re here for you as the ball drops on New Years Eve! We’re even here for you on February 29th – Leap Day!

The A2 Hosting Support Philosophy
“There’s NO such thing as a dumb question”. This ancient proverb is the foundation of the web hosting support we provide. The Guru Crew is here to track down the solution to your hosting questions. We have the support technicians to help regardless of your level of web hosting experience. No problem is trivial or insurmountable. Whether you need advanced PHP Hosting support or have a quick question about how to get your blog setup and running, the Guru Crew is here to help.

The Guru Crew Support Staff
A2 Hosting has a handpicked staff of friendly, patient and intelligent technicians with a variety of web hosting knowledge. You’ll have 24/7 access to the top technical minds in the web hosting industry. We don’t outsource our support. Speak to a REAL person!

Socially Responsible Linux Web Hosting
A2 Hosting takes great pride in being a socially responsible business. Corporate responsibility isn’t something that A2 Hosting can turn on-or-off from day-to-day because it is engrained into our company’s culture. A2 Hosting’s socially responsible culture is about making everyday, conscience decisions that most positively impact our environment, community, customers and employees. We have discovered the correct combination of quality Linux hosting and support while also maintaining our commitment to social causes. Read on for the ingredients that contribute to our social cause blend like A2 Hosting’s company community involvement, our dedication to green hosting and selecting the “right” people to employ. Some of the other elements of our Socially Responsible Hosting practices include:

Provide Non-Biased Testimonials to aid informed decisions by potential customers
Customer Issue Resolution – BBB Membership
Respect for our customers’ privacy

If you represent a non-profit organization, submit a sales ticket with proof of your non-profit status to learn about special hosting discounts that you can receive from A2 Hosting.

Community Involvement
A2 Hosting has a rich history of supporting non-profit organizations. Not only are there charitable associations that we contribute to, like, but A2 Hosting is more than willing to use available resources to provide a helping hand for our employees’ altruistic initiatives. We understand that providing such aid results in exponential, positive returns in regards to social change and improvements.

Choosing The Right People
A2 Hosting’s commitment to social causes begins with the hand selection of professional individuals who are not only dedicated to the support of our social causes, but are incredibly skilled at what they do. Hard-working and knowledgeable individuals that are aligned with our social commitment are key because our employees are the lifeblood of what we do. And we treat them in such a manner. A2 Hosting strives to offer an atmosphere where our employees are comfortable, know they are valuable, and are able to participate in constructive 2-way communication with our management.

Future Serve Green Hosting
We realize the importance of a healthy environment and employ a number of eco-friendly practices to do our part to contribute to a greener Earth. Those who take a moment to walk around A2 Hosting’s office won’t find plastic cups, paper towels or Styrofoam containers. A2 Hosting even offers a number of telecommuting options for employees that reduce daily commuting carbon emissions

Data Center

Redundant Internet Connectivity

Our customers access our data center and their accounts through premium gigabit Ethernet connections. The connection is multihomed, which is a technique that provides access to our network through multiple internet providers via numerous internet connections. The use of multiple internet connections ensures ultimate redundancy because if one network is unavailable, there are multiple other networks that provide connections.

Specific internet connectivity details include:
Multihomed network connectivity via internet providers 1Gbps to Level(3), Savvis OC-48, & Global Crossing / XO (Shared 1Gbps)

Redundant Power Supply
Power supply protection implementations by A2 Hosting’s data center make power outage concerns obsolete. The data center offers a number of redundant resources, including an Uninterruptible Power Supply, which immediately provides power from other sources if main utility power becomes unavailable.

A2 Hosting’s data center is also equipped with Diesel backup generators that automatically turn on during the occurrence of a widespread power outage. The generator’s 2000 gallon tank offers plenty of backup power capacity during long-term power outages.

Specific power resources, including redundant power supply details, can be found below:

300kVA UPS uninterrupted power
480V 3-Phase building power
20A 120VAC UPS circuit
Dual-redundant 48 DC power feed
1200 AMP -48 DC Power Plant
750kVA Cummings Diesel Generator with 2,000 gallon tank

Physical Security
Security is another primary objective of our web host facility. Just as unauthorized access to our customers’ data via our network is unacceptable, the same mindset is used regarding non-permitted entry to our servers via the data center. The following measures are applied at the A2 Hosting data center to ensure that security objectives are not just met, but exceeded.

Video surveillance
42U locking cabinets
Gated parking lot with security key entry
Security key needed for data center entry
Locked, fully enclosed racks
Security key necessary for server rack entry

Properly Constructed Environment
Temperature and humidity controls are vital in any data center to ensure the utmost reliability of our servers and related equipment. Through various measures, including the utilization of 15 air condition units, the A2 Hosting data center’s environment is closely regulated. Each air conditioning unit is set at 68F and humidity levels are set to optimal levels between 30-40%. The use of static-free flooring, necessary for the elimination of data loss threats caused by static bursts, also contributes to the carefully designed data center’s architecture.

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