Dot5 Hosting


Award winner 2006

General Impression

Dot5Hosting (est. 1996) has built hosting packages that meets the needs of all potential customers, from home user to the commerce business user. is still an industry top provider, although was recently acquired by EIG.
Their affordable packages, cheap domains are one of the reasons that Dot 5 Hosting has become one of the most popular web hosting packages in the past

With Dot5Hosting you can rely on:
– High level of customer service
– Guaranteed uptime
– Functional tools for management of your products
– Secure and reliable backups
– Money-Back Guarantee
– 24×7 Support

Data Center

Dot5Hosting (same as EasyCGI) uses the same two data centers in the Boston, USA

Their secure and solid network infrastructure gives virtually any server on their network the ability to access webfiles when a request occurs

Site data is parsed by a dual Big Iron load balancers and is controlled by DELL servers, which are split into application pools like FTP, Web, incoming mail.

Their network of over 1000 servers processes an estimated 7.5 gigabits of storage per second and is powered by N+1 power.

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