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Award winner 2006

General Impression

Ixwebhosting (brand of Ecommerce Corporation) stands on the same side with big webhosting players today. We can mention here some of them like GoDaddy, 1and1, Endurance (which includes BlueHost, HostMonster …) HostGator, Arvixe and others.
With proven excellent track record on increasing constantly the number of customers, joining IX cannot be a mistake.

You will get best services on shared hosting (Unix or Windows) having a great support, with a call center in KY Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Having USA call center is important, since all of the complaints concerning support employees not speaking well English is already an issue.

While other companies may think their involvement with the internet stops at squeezing your site into an already over-stuffed server and collecting your money, they have a different idea. They are working on some serious improvements to their already state of the art datacenter. They are working on being as energy-efficient, while still maintaining reliability.

Why Choose IX

From 1999 they began supporting their first webhosting customers on a server in some personal house and since then they have grown (very fast since 2003) into a company with over 200,000 hosting customers with over 470,000 websites. This means for you not only they know what they are doing, but you’re not going to have to worry about changing hosting companies because they are not going to disappear.

IX got many awards over time and when it comes to the excellent services. Over the years they’ve earned top honors from some of the most prestigious review sites around.

Personal Customer Support

IX management team decided that they wanted to provide the best and most exceptional customer support in the industry. That’s why they developed a company wide philosophy to provide a unique and personalized customer support experience. This is how our Personal Support Rep program started. After getting an account with them , they assign you your own support agent that you can contact directly with any issues you have.

Zero Risk Guaranteed

Almost every respected webhost offers a 30-day money back guarantee and many also offer an anytime money back guarantee, but almost nobody offers completely free hosting. IX offers for a full week and you can kick the tires, take her out for a spin, and see how she handles in the straights – for no charge. They will not charge your card until after the 7 day trial period, and if you cancel before you will never be billed.

The IX Web Hosting Community

With their database of over 200,000 customers, joining IX WebHosting (and HostExcellence, being part of the same brand) means that you become a new member of an experienced and interactive community. With the help of social media such as blogs, twitter, facebook, a technical status blog and online success tools that include step by step video tutorials.

When taking a decision for a webhosting company you want to make sure that you get the maximum uptime possible, this will impact how often your website is available for visitors.
Choosing a webhosting provider that cannot guarantee 99.9% uptime promise is an easy way to have your website fail.

Having a shared IP between a dedicated IP, is like the difference between living in an apartment or living in a single family house. IX offers like nobody else, up to 15 FREE IP Addresses

Having a shared IP is one of the reasons why many people may have gotten banned from the search engines.

4 Reasons why you need a dedicated IP

* Search Engine Visibility – Many people will argue that search engine optimization is the most effective way to get your site ranked, and when you have a dedicated IP you give yourself the best chance to get the highest rankings.
* Ecommerce Ready – They Are Ecommerce Ready – If you want to sell products online, the only way to set up your store is to have a dedicated IP.
* Professional Website – If you can get an affordable hosting solution with a dedicated IP you should go for it. Of course, the IP is not the most important factor to consider, but usually when a host offers such a feature in a hosting package you can safely assume that the other important features needed to run a professional website are in place.
* They’re Free – With IX Web Hosting you get up to 15 dedicated IPs FREE depending on your hosting package. Other web hosts can charge up to $30 for each dedicated IP.


Newest Technology

The success of a webhosting brand depends on whether they are able to keep their customers websites online. But 99.9% website uptime is really just one of those phrases you hear many companies throw around, but not define in real terms. They have a Tier 3 n +1 redundant datacenter in Columbus, OH that keeps your site up the maximum amount of time.

Data Center

At IX Web hosting they have their own tier 3 (n+1) redundant data center in Columbus, OH.
That means they have everything that’s required to maintain the maximum up time possible and extra back up for all your content data, so if one of the webservers power source gets heated it will automatically transfer the power to the extra power source.

In case of any extended commercial emergency power outages, they have two industrial diesel generators standing by, which can run for 24 hours.

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