Site 5

Pick Your Hosting Location – Don’t want your hosting’s data center located in hurricane country? At Site5 you can pick your hosting location from 11 North American locations and 4 overseas countries. Control Panel for Each Domain – This is a super slick feature to have enabled on your hosting account. With the Multi-Admin feature, you can give each […]

Best $1 Web Hosting


Low Cost Monthly Plans – Need a good unlimited plan that doesn’t cut features, can host multiple domains, but you want it all with a shorter term? Month-to-month and 6-month plans are available. Free Website Transfer – Free website transfer services are available for 60 days from your sign up date. If your current hosting account uses […]


Host Gator

4500 Free Website Templates– One of the most annoying things about hosting companies that advertise what wonderful a website builder they have is that their selection of templates sucks. Not here. You can make a website in 5 easy point-and-click steps with a powerful WYSIWYG editor for non-technical users. There are over 4500 variations of […]


Cirtex Hosting

Best Basic Hosting Deal – Most hosting companies have unlimited “everything” plans, but why should you pay for all that luxury if you’re not going to use it? Cirtex has one of the best Basic hosting plans around. You still get plenty of space and bandwidth and the ability to host up to 7 domains, but at a […]


Jaguar PC

Free SSL Access – This is something you don’t see very often, free shared SSL.  If you’ll be needing secure connectivity for your e-commerce site or one that accepts personal information, this is an easy way to get initial SSL protection while you shop for the best price for your own SSL certificate. Migration Experts – If […]



We have a Blue Host account. cPanel With Developer Features – This version of cPanel is has everything cPanel users are already familiar with, but it goes a step further with the inclusion of programs for developers and serious webmasters like PostgreSQL and supporting applications, Google Apps integration wizard, File Count lets you know how many […]

Budget Web Hosting


We have an iPage account. Easy To Use Control Panel – If all you want to do is “run a website” or “have a blog” and don’t want a bunch of geeky  applications you’ll never use cluttering up the control panel, then you’ll love the vDeck control panel.  There are plenty of tools to manage your […]

Budget Web Hosting

Web Hosting Pad

Cheapest cPanel Hosting – Why pay anymore than you have to for cPanel hosting?  Let’s compare unlimited  hosting  plans.  If Company “A” has yearly plans for $6.95/yr, that would be $83.40 upfront. But you can get a 4-year plan at WHP for only $1.99/yr for a total of $95.52 upfront.  That’s an extra 3 years of […]


Web Hosting Hub

We have a Web Hosting Hub account. Fastest WordPress Hosting – Do you need faster WordPress hosting?  Here’s how to tell.  If you’ve been using WordPress for any length of time, you may have been frustrated by some loooong delays in the Dashboard and/or in the browser.  You click on something and then wait, wait, wait… […]